Apple Back-To-School offer.

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Apple has changed its ‘Get a free iPod Touch offer’ (when you buy a Mac for college)which it has run for the past 3 years to a ‘Get a free $100 Mac App Store Back to School card’. This is a price difference from giving away $249 of iPod Touchness to $100 of Mac Appsness. This shows that Apple is confident that people(especially students) are buying the Mac without the need of a big incentive.

Apple are saying that you get a $100 to spend at the Mac App Store but you can spend it at any of Apple’s online content stores (Mac App Store, iOS App Store, iBookstore and iTunes Store. For the U.K it will be £65.

The discounts which you get on Macs are $100 off a MacBook, $200 off a MacBook Pro, $50 off a MacBook Air and $100 off an iMac. The offer is available for students, parents of students, teachers and staff.

Click on image to head over to the offer.


How to Jailbreak iOS 5

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It hasn’t even been officially released but a public jailbreak of iOS 5 Beta 1 has been released. This comes after iOS 5 Beta 1 was jailbroken in under 24 hours of it being released. You can jailbreak iOS 5 now but it is tethered which means that you will have to plug your iDevice into your computer when it restarts or if you want to turn it off and on. If you have an iPhone 4, 3GS, iPad 1st Gen, iPod Touch 3G or 4G then you can tether jailbreak. To do this you need a Mac as far as I’m aware and download Redsn0w 0.9.8b1 here.

To complete the jailbreak just follow the on-screen instructions which are easy.

To restart in tethered mode just follow these steps:

1. Start again Redsn0w.
2. Select “Just boot tethered right now”.
3. Reset the iPhone in DFU mode.
4. Wait for the restart of the iPhone.

It’s Carnival Time! With those Angry Birds.


Angry Birds Rio Carnival levels are out! When you think of Rio as a city this is what you think of. Carnival Time!

15 new levels of carnival madness for you to complete now. You now have to find 15 Papayas throughout the levels and your friends, the angry birds, are accompanied by one part of a duo. Blue, the Macaw, can now be used alone. The update is early as it was scheduled for July but Rovio are just bring nice. Thanks Rovio!

To get Angry Birds Rio for iPhone/iPod Touch click here and for iPad click here.

New MacBook Airs?

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Apple might be building 400,000 new MacBook Airs this month. This information comes from a reliable source and 55% will be the 11″ with 45% being the 13.3″ made. The 11″ is proving to be selling more. The new MacBook Airs will just be updated to Intel’s 32-nanometer Sandy Bridge processors, making them faster. Apple will likely just slip this in without us noticing.

LED flashlight coming to front facing camera?

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Just under ‘Acessible input for mobility’ can you see it says ‘LED flash for incoming calls and alerts’? Well it is there and does this mean that there is going to be a LED flash on the iPhone 5? When receiving a call or alert you would have to have your phone facing down but that isn’t normally how you have it and may scratch the screen. So then a LED flash might be on the front, for the front facing camera. It would add better pictures to go along with the probable camera upgrade.

Steve planning ‘Spaceship’ new HQ

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Steve Jobs is planning to build(well he isn’t building it exactly) a new HQ for Apple and it will not contain a single piece os straight glass edges. It is a glass doughnut in which he hopes to have 12,000 people call their ‘office’. This just shows how Apple is different to other companies. Headquarters for massive companies are normally vertical cuboids but Apple has gone for a ‘Spaceship’ circular building which is innovative just like many of their products. Also it was Steve himself who presented the plans which may suggest that he is easing out of his medical leave with him presenting the WDDC event and iPad 2 event as well. Below are some pics and the video of Steve presenting his plans.


iOS 5 = Jailbroken

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Just yesterday iOS 5 was announced. And yet it has already been jailbroken. Apple can’t fix this jailbreak method just my a firmware update. It is Limera1n tethered. Notice the Cydia icon and the Reminders and Newsstand icon? Well that is iOS 5 jailbroken. lol


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