Xbox 360 games coming to your iPhone?

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A project entitled ExEn should allow developers to port Xbox 360 games to iOS.

Andrew Russel is creating open source software which will allow Xbox 360(XNA) games to be ported on iOS, Silverlight and soon Android and OSX. Developers who have made games for Xbox 360, Windows or Windows Phone 7 using the XNA framework will be able to port them to the iPhone, iPad and the others.

If developers do this then that means that there will be some great games coming for the iPhone and iPad.

To get the latest information on this go to his blog at


iPhone Auto-tilt correction for your photos?

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Apple has recently filed a patent for an auto correction system for tilt in your photos on the iPhone. The patent is named “Image capture device having tilt and/or perspective correction”. It would use a combination of the iPhone’s sensors, gyroscope, accelerometer and compass to automatically correct any tilt issues which happened in the photo.

Picture form Cnet.

This is a common problem when taking photos and this solution in theory would work. This would work for when you are editing your photo or as you are taking it. The iPhone is Flickr’s most used smart phone when uploading images to the site. So the iPhone has a popular camera and with one of Apple’s 10 best features of iOS5 being camera improvements they are clearly not forgetting about the camera.

iPhone 5 for September?

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Latest iPhone 5 rumours are that the iPhone 5 will be launched in September. This is a different launch date to the previous post(see here) but an August press event could still be likely. From this press event we may also see an Apple TV set(actual TV not just the box) which would incorporate iCloud.

These latest iPhone 5 rumours have been said by a China Mobile Employee. According to BoyGeniusReport, a employee of China Mobile has accidentally said something which went along the lines of ‘the iPhone 5 will launch in September’ on a website which is similar to Twitter. There have been sightings Apple employees going into China Mobile.

Below is a picture of the iPhone 5 created by the guys at TechnoBuffalo.

iPhone 5/4S to have a ‘Radical new design?’

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Previously the iPhone 5 has been just an upgraded hardware iPhone 4 but Apple have handed out these iPhone 4S’ to developers to create apps for the iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 will have the same hardware inside as these 4S’ and it was always thought that the iPhone 5 outer shell would be the same too with a few minor updates. But now, a BoyGeniusReport, has said that, from a reliable source, that the iPhone 5 will have a ‘Radical new design’. This is great as we always enjoy seeing what piece of eye candy they can come up with never mind the user interface(which is awesome). This is all the information about the outer shell of the iPhone 5 which was said by the reliable source but hopefully details are on the way.




















Another piece of info about the iPhone 5 came from the reliable source. They said that Apple would have a press event in early-mid August and a launch later that month. This would make sense as nobody is complaining about another Apple press event and I can see next year having that press event in June to be focused on software and every year.

These reports go against previous talks of an iPhone 5 to looks like the iPhone 4 and for it to be released September/October. But from this new evidence I believe that we will see an iPhone 5 in August.

Final Cut Pro X Release

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Final Cut Pro X, the future of Final Cut, a hybrid of iMovie and Final Cut Pro has been released to the public for a sum of $299.99(£179.99). A decent price for the software and considering that it is Apple. What Final Cut Pro X does is it takes the hardcore editing effects and takes Final Cut Pro and puts an iMovie overlay on it. It also has some new features for the editors among you.

It is 1.33 GB and loads very fast(first time anyway). It is a good upgrade to the previous Final Cut Pro and is more friendly to people who are new to Final Cut Pro, for example, me. You can get it here at the Mac App Store.

Time Capsule upgraded to 3TB

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Apple has released an upgrade to its Time Capsule. The only upgrade is the knocking out of the 1TB model and it being replaced with a higher priced 3TB version. The Time Capsule automatically, wirelessly, uses ‘Time Machine’ on you Mac(but does also work with PC) and backs up all your files so if the terrible(dieing of computer, stolen, etc) then all you files have been backed up so as the Aussies would say ‘No Dramas’ apart from the lost Mac/PC.

Now we all know that Apple’s prices aren’t exactly cheap but thats because the quality of their products and just everything is amazing but when it comes to this Time Capsule you have to pay an extra $200 or £150 for an extra 2TB. To clarify the 2TB model is $299 (£249) and the 3TB model is $499(£399).


Some Angry Birds news

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First off there are new Angry Birds levels, called Mine and Dine. These 15 levels show the pigs hiding underground to escape those annoyed birds. The trailer:

The new levels seem to be slightly easier to get 3 stars on than others which suggests that Rovio is focusing their work on the other Angry Birds or the Angry Birds film which is in the works. Also there are some ‘feathers’ which can be collected for using the ‘Mighty Eagle’.

The new levels are free if you already have the original Angry Birds app or 59p or £2.99 depending on what device you are on and if you are newcomer to the game. Click here to get it for iPhone and here for iPad.

Other News

The other Angry Birds news, from Rovio’s Facebook page, is that there will be new summer update for Angry Birds Seasons. It will be called ‘Summer Pignic’ and will be available soon. This is the only news now but we can gain a good guess on what will come.

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