Apple Online Store Down Ahead of WWDC

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The Apple Online Store has been taken down ahead of the WWDC 2012 event which is now just hours away. This normally happens before Apple events and when it is back online it will likely feature many new Macs and lots of new artwork for iOS 6 and Mountain Lion.


What can we can expect at WWDC 2012?

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iOS 6

     This is a certain. Apple have put up banners at the Moscone West centre, where the event will be held showing the iOS 6 app icon. What is iOS 6 going to include? Well Apple is going to focus on updating its stock applications which will come as a welcome and needed change. Hopefully it looks different slightly as a new and fresh design is also wanted by many and widgets of some sort would be great. Apple will get rid of Google Maps and have their own version which will include 3D maps, Siri should come for iPad and Facebook integration, just like Twitter.

OS X Mountain Lion

Again Apple have put up banners to let us know that they will be showing Mountain Lion at WWDC. This latest update to the Operating System for Macs tries to incorporate many iOS features and apps into the desktop and laptop software. What we’ve already seen from Mountain Lion is Notifications Center, Notes Application, Reminders application, Messages – a replacement for iChat and like the iOS app, Share sheets, not taken from iOS but it essentially allows you to share everything, everywhere. The last app taken from iOS is Game Center but also Twitter gets integration into Mac OS X just like it has in iOS. Gatekeeper allows you to control your security on your Mac more. AirPlay mirroring allows you to, if you have an Apple TV, stream you Mac screen to your TV wirelessly and of course everything application is synced perfectly with iCloud to allow you to have a seamless experience between your Mac and your iOS device. Also Safari 6 will make an appearance.

New Macbook Pros

New Macbook Pros are extremely likely. We are expecting thinner, lighter Macbook Pros which have a Retina Display, 3 USB 3.0 ports, no optical drive and no ethernet port.

There will be no 17″ model and courtesy of these will probably be the specs:

  • 13.3 inch: 2.5GHz dual core processor, 4GB of RAM, 500GB hard drive
  • 13.3 inch: 2.9GHz dual core processor, 8GB of RAM, 750GB hard drive
  • 15.4 inch: 2.3GHz quad core processor, 4GB of RAM, 500GB hard drive
  • 15.4 inch: 2.6GHz quad core processor, 8GB of RAM, 750GB hard drive (BTO upgrades to 2.7GHz quad core and 1TB HD will be available)

New iMacs

Probably nothing special, just a routine upgrade with better specs for the price, maybe a Retina Display.

New Mac Pros

An update to the Mac Pro has been coming since it has not been updated for two years. The time between updates for the Mac Pro is getting longer which may suggest that Apple are slowly phasing out the Mac Pro, but not yet. Three new models of the Mac Pro will be released, two normal, one a server configuration.

  • Normal configuration: 3.2GHz quad-core processor, 6GB of RAM, 1TB hard drive, and the ATI Radeon 5770 graphics chip.
  • Normal configuration: 2.4GHz 12-core processor, 12GB of RAM, 1TB hard drive, and the ATI Radeon 5770 graphics chip.
  • Server configuration: 3.2GHz quad-core processor, 8GB of RAM, Two 1TB hard drives

What we’re not gonna see:

“New” iPhone / iPhone 5

There have been many rumours flying around recently about the iPhone 5, primarily about the design of phone. WWDC has been traditionally where Apple unveil its next generation iPhone but that tradition was broken last year when they released the iPhone 4S in Autumn last year and that seems like the date for the next iPhone. Check out this video below to see what maybe the iPhone 5:

This could just be a mockup made by etradesupply to get some attention but it does tie in with an earlier image leaked of the supposed iPhone 5 back panel from

iPad Mini

We don’t even know if Apple is going to release this even though they probably have 7″ iPads in the top offices.

Apple Television Set

The elusive Apple Television Set has had no confirmation apart from Steve Jobs saying that they were working on one. Now is not the time for Apple to unveil this beast. Great concept below though:

New iPods

An update to the iPod range usually occurs in September or October, around the time of the iPhone release. Maybe Apple has swapped over the release dates of the iPhone and the iPods but it is unlikely. They are not in dire need of an update so Apple will not supply one at the moment.

Steve planning ‘Spaceship’ new HQ

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Steve Jobs is planning to build(well he isn’t building it exactly) a new HQ for Apple and it will not contain a single piece os straight glass edges. It is a glass doughnut in which he hopes to have 12,000 people call their ‘office’. This just shows how Apple is different to other companies. Headquarters for massive companies are normally vertical cuboids but Apple has gone for a ‘Spaceship’ circular building which is innovative just like many of their products. Also it was Steve himself who presented the plans which may suggest that he is easing out of his medical leave with him presenting the WDDC event and iPad 2 event as well. Below are some pics and the video of Steve presenting his plans.


WWDC: My Predictions


Apple’s WWDC conference is fast approaching with the unveiling of Apple’s latest genius software, hardware, etc. With it starting on 6th June the countdown has begun with four days remaining. So here are my predictions which will round up all the rumours of what we are likely and not so likely to see at the WWDC conference on June 6th.

First off is the likely. Well for this one, certain. Mac OS X Lion will be unveiled. There has been a developers preview of this out for some time now and I have had a go on it and it is pretty nice. At that moment it was a little buggy but I’m sure Apple has fixed that. Apple say that it has the power of MAC OS X with the magic of iPad and to be fair it does have an iPad feel to it.

Lion is looking certain to be unveiled because Apple said last year that it would be available next summer and in Apple’s WWDC poster it says ‘ Join us for a preview of the future of iOS and Mac OS X.

If you want more information on Mac OS X Lion click here to see my thoughts on it and some of the features it offers.

Next up is iOS 5. This also looks pretty certain because of the WWDC poster above and the fact that it had been released at this time of the year in the past years. iOS 5 needs to be revolutionary. Some people are getting bored with iOS and think it is stale. These people are turning to jailbreaking which Apple does not want to see. This is what I think will be in iOS 5/ What should be in iOS 5:

  • Widgets, click here to see the video about how widgets should be done in iOS 5. This would be great if they were integrated into iOS 5 and so we don’t have to rely on jailbreak developers to deliver for us.
  • Moving backgrounds, Maybe a moving wallpaper.
  • Speech Recognition, With Apple buying Nuance, a speech recognition company we may see this in iOS 5.
  • Better Multitasking
  • Integration with Mac, this is an interesting one as it would encourage people to buy a Mac and for non Mac users this feature just wouldn’t be used so it would be fine either way. A nice idea.
  • Better notifications
Just a couple of these features would be nice and to get about 5 would be a great improvement for iOS and allow it to take strides out in front of Android.
iCloud, Apple taking things to the skies.
iCloud is Apple new cloud service to rival Google and Amazon. It is very likely that it will be unveiled at WWDC and will be one of the main products shown. From rumours this will take your music to the cloud allowing you to listen to any song from your library anywhere as you drag it down from the cloud. This will free up your flash hard drive on your iPhone, etc and allowing you to store more apps, etc. They might also be allowing TV Shows and Films to be stored on the cloud. Also MobileMe is rumoured to be going free which is great for everyone.
Final Cut Pro 10(X) , Apple will be showing off more features of this great piece of video software which will look a bit like iMovie with the high end editing options of Final Cut Pro. It will be available in the Mac App Store later in June.
Mac Pro, To go with the high end of things Apple may also be unveiling a new Mac Pro.
Now onto the Unlikely:
   This years WWDC is all about the software. This means that any hardware is unlikely to be unveiled. The Mac Pro is an exception as Apple may unveil some high end software and hardware to go with it. So any other Mac, iPod, iPad and the one, iPhone releases look very unlikely. There is only one hardware which last year everyone would have said that yeah we will see that next year in June, The iPhone 5/4S.
   However due to many rumours the iPhone 5 to see an unveiling at the WWDC seems very unlikely and would be a surprise to the world if this happened. The most likely date for when the iPhone 5 will be released is an Aug/Sep time which is when Apple unveil their latest iPods. Whether Apple mentions the iPhone or just misses it out altogether we will have to see.
   This time of the year is always exciting because of the WWDC and for E3 for those gamers. All information on what will be happening will be tweeted at!/up2dateApple, so go ahead and follow to get the latest and as with any Apple event there will be a round up of events here at throughout and after the event.

Apple Store 2.0

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Aperture on iPad


The latest patent, yes we love ’em, shows Apple photo editing software, Aperture, being used on a multitouch interface. Although Aperture looks like the patent is for iPad but Aperture needs a lot of processing power and is normally run on the high end versions of Macs for it to run smoothly. Aperture also uses full potential of the video cards in Mac. For Aperture to run on a multitouch surface there needs to be big spec iPads or a multitouch Mac, either of which would be awesome for everyone. It is unlikely that Apple will tone down Aperture for iPad as that is not the Apple way.

   So from iPad Aperture to multitouch Mac Aperture. Another patent was recently filled for a multitouch iMac which could also be laid down and at a slight angle to more easily use the multitouch features.

It also features a touchscreen application on the Mac, like Aperture. During the MacBook Air keynote Steve said that they had tried touch screen on vertical displays but your arm ached after a short while. However he never said anything about horizontal or slanting touch screens. This is all building up for Apple to bring more of the iOS devices to Mac. Also as in their touchscreen devices Apple are looking for the mouse to eventually go. Interesting times, interesting times Apple.

New Apple Retail Open in Australia


Apple ‘Retail 2.0’ as some are calling it has opened in Australia because they woke up first. The main new feature in the Aussie Apple Stores are the use of iPads as information screens, comparison screens and more.

Below is a quick japanese video of the new layout.

Now the features which the iPad display are the main/’features’ tab, the ‘compare’ tab, the ‘ New to Mac?’ tab, the ‘Support’ tab and the ‘Specialist’ tab.

The ‘features’ tab gives you an overview of the product including its main features. The ‘compare’ tab compares it to other products which are similar, for example if it was a MacBook Air it would compare it to the MacBook Pro. The ‘New to Mac?’ tab shows you mostly those new to Mac things on the Apple website. The ‘Support’ tab is self explanatory. Now the ‘Specialist’ tab allows you to call a specialist over to where you are if you need help or have further questions, which is pretty nice.

The interesting part is that the iPads seem to be running custom software as the home button doesn’t do anything. Also the iPads are constantly charging yet not by the 30 pin connector. Hmmm Very Interesting.

Here are some pics of the new iPad layout.

Ask a Specialist

iPads after iPads after iPads

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