Some Angry Birds news

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First off there are new Angry Birds levels, called Mine and Dine. These 15 levels show the pigs hiding underground to escape those annoyed birds. The trailer:

The new levels seem to be slightly easier to get 3 stars on than others which suggests that Rovio is focusing their work on the other Angry Birds or the Angry Birds film which is in the works. Also there are some ‘feathers’ which can be collected for using the ‘Mighty Eagle’.

The new levels are free if you already have the original Angry Birds app or 59p or £2.99 depending on what device you are on and if you are newcomer to the game. Click here to get it for iPhone and here for iPad.

Other News

The other Angry Birds news, from Rovio’s Facebook page, is that there will be new summer update for Angry Birds Seasons. It will be called ‘Summer Pignic’ and will be available soon. This is the only news now but we can gain a good guess on what will come.


It’s Carnival Time! With those Angry Birds.


Angry Birds Rio Carnival levels are out! When you think of Rio as a city this is what you think of. Carnival Time!

15 new levels of carnival madness for you to complete now. You now have to find 15 Papayas throughout the levels and your friends, the angry birds, are accompanied by one part of a duo. Blue, the Macaw, can now be used alone. The update is early as it was scheduled for July but Rovio are just bring nice. Thanks Rovio!

To get Angry Birds Rio for iPhone/iPod Touch click here and for iPad click here.

Keynote, Pages and Numbers now for iPhone

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Yes, the iWork iPad apps are available for iPhone, scaled down.

It features as you would expect doing the things the iPad version can do. This may be a response to the Windows Phone and Microsoft Office which you can get on that. This expands Apple’s iWork applications which rival Microsoft’s famous Office. It is a universal app so once you buy it for one platform it can be used on all.


 Some of the features are:

  • Create edit and view documents on the go
  • Full use of font, colours and textures
  • Easily add images to Pages
  • Insert tables and charts
  • Use formulas in Numbers
  • Add photos and videos
  • Create animations in Keynote



They are the same price at £6.99($9.99) each and you can buy them by clicking here.

4oD on iPad

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 Channel 4’s great catchup service, 4oD, is now available on iPad. This is great for us Brits but for you Americans you probably don’t even know that Channel 4 is a TV Channel. You can now watch great programs like Inbetweeners, Derren Brown and American programs on E4(HIMYM, GLEE, TBBT). This is the second official TV Channel Catach-up app, coming after BBC iPlayer. You can watch programs from the last 30 days on Channel 4, E4 and More 4. Also classic TV shows are coming soon. Get it know as it is free for a limited time only. Click here to get it.

iBooks update

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iBooks 1.2.2 has been released. Apple have said that it includes some “a number of important stability and performance improvements.” and “addresses issues playing video included with enhanced books from the iBookstore”. Also they said that it “resolves a problem where some books open with a different font than expected”

A Monster Ate My Homework

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Need an excuse for not having you homework? Well somehow I reckon that the name of this app won’t suffice but you probably were playing this rather than doing your homework.

The monsters have stolen your homework and you need it back. Revenge is on the cards(bit like those pesky pigs in Angry Birds) as you shall get it back. But those monsters are clever putting you in tricky situations to get all of your homework back. You fire balls at the cardboard stage and depending on your tactics you normally hit the monsters to kick them off the stage and into the water. Homework comes in the stacked book variety which are like cuboids and the apple variety which are spherical and roll around the place. There are 85 levels for you to conquer with more coming soon.

Overall it is a good app and fun at times. Worth the 59p/$1 for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad and is a must download for Mac as it is free.

Available on the iPhone and iPod Touch App Store, on iPad and  on the Mac App Store.

Check out the trailer below:

Angry Birds Seasons – It’s Easter!!

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You know when it is getting close to a holiday not just by a calendar. The Angry Birds team will release a new update to their Angry Birds Seasons App. This update is all about Easter. With 15  more levels you will be addicted to this for the next couple of days. They never last long the levels but are always great fun.

The new additions in the 15 levels are more golden eggs, 2 types of bunny ears have been stuck onto those green pigs and easter eggs have been put in giving you a 1000 points for each one you smash. Also included is some grass which has been stuck on top of the blocks and can hide the pigs, some cloud blocks, brown circular blocks(see below) and more. There are 3 extra levels which can be obtained by clicking on the Twitter link- great!

Angry Birds Rio – more levels in May.

To get this update your Angry Birds Seasons app or if you don’t have it you can get it here.

Check out the Angry Birds Seasons Easter Trailer below!

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