There are many new features coming to Mac OS X Mountain Lion, they only looked at 8 key features in the keynote today. Here they are:

  •   iCloud – Messages, previously a beta is no official and is essentially iMessage for Mac. Users can reply to messages they receive on their phone, from their Mac. Reminders is also included. The Notes app is making a debut on the Mac which supports images and links. Documents in the Cloud is also happening for Pages, Keynote, Numbers, Preview and TextEdit. You can change a Pages document on your iPhone, 5 seconds later and boom the change appears on your Mac.
  • Notification Center – Just like on iOS but now with a two finger swipe to the right and not a swipe down.
  •  Twitter integration – You can now Tweet just about anything, and Facebook it.
  •  Dictation – This goes hand in hand with the new dual microphones on the new MacBook Pro. Again just like in iOS, dictation comes to your Mac.
  • Sharing – You can now share just about anything with just about anyone.
  • Safari – Now with unified search filed in the URL bar, much like Chrome. iCloud tabs is new.Click it on your Mac and pick up browsing where you left off on your iPhone.
  • New feature: Power Nap – Your mac will now update itself and sync itself when it’s offline. When it’s charging it’ll backup itself!
  • AirPlay Mirroring – Put your Mac screen on you HDTV, wirelessly via Apple TV.
  • Game Center – Multiplayer supported Mac-to-Mac and cross-device as well. Yes, you can play from your Mac against someone on an iPhone or iPad and, yes, any of them can push that over AirPlay.