At WWDC Apple has shown us what iOS 6 will provide us.

New features:

  • New Maps App – A beautiful new Maps app. Apple have got rid of Google Maps and now have their own Maps application, much like the latest Google Maps app but this seems smoother and better visuals. The Maps are 3D and cities look amazing.
  • Passbook – Your new home for boarding passes, cards and coupons. You can pay for your Starbucks coffee with your Starbucks card in this app and it will provide flight updates for you flight.
  • New Siri – Now on the new iPad, new iPad only, sorry older generations. You can now ask her about Sports, Restaurants, Movies and more. Also you can use her to open apps and post Facebook updates and tweet for you.
  • Eyes Free –
  • Facebook Integration – Just like with Twitter you can now post everything to Facebook, you can even ‘Like’ Apps and Songs in iTunes and the App Store.
  • New Phone Features – Just like the camera icon on the lock screen when you get a phone call there is a phone icon in the bottom right hand corner of the lock screen. When you swipe this up you get the option of ‘Reply with Message’ or ‘Remind Me Later’. After you tap one of them you get more options. It can remind you when you leave your current location, when you get home, to work, etc. ‘Do Not Disturb’, a new addition to settings, suppresses all incoming calls and notifications.
  • FaceTime over celluar – Just as the title says.
  • Safari – iCloud Tabs, full screen in landscape and Offline Reading List.
  • Mail Improvements – Add photos and videos to emails in just a few taps and there is a new VIP section where email from VIPs will go.