Apple has released an upgrade to its Time Capsule. The only upgrade is the knocking out of the 1TB model and it being replaced with a higher priced 3TB version. The Time Capsule automatically, wirelessly, uses ‘Time Machine’ on you Mac(but does also work with PC) and backs up all your files so if the terrible(dieing of computer, stolen, etc) then all you files have been backed up so as the Aussies would say ‘No Dramas’ apart from the lost Mac/PC.

Now we all know that Apple’s prices aren’t exactly cheap but thats because the quality of their products and just everything is amazing but when it comes to this Time Capsule you have to pay an extra $200 or £150 for an extra 2TB. To clarify the 2TB model is $299 (£249) and the 3TB model is $499(£399).