First off there are new Angry Birds levels, called Mine and Dine. These 15 levels show the pigs hiding underground to escape those annoyed birds. The trailer:

The new levels seem to be slightly easier to get 3 stars on than others which suggests that Rovio is focusing their work on the other Angry Birds or the Angry Birds film which is in the works. Also there are some ‘feathers’ which can be collected for using the ‘Mighty Eagle’.

The new levels are free if you already have the original Angry Birds app or 59p or £2.99 depending on what device you are on and if you are newcomer to the game. Click here to get it for iPhone and here for iPad.

Other News

The other Angry Birds news, from Rovio’s Facebook page, is that there will be new summer update for Angry Birds Seasons. It will be called ‘Summer Pignic’ and will be available soon. This is the only news now but we can gain a good guess on what will come.