Apple has changed its ‘Get a free iPod Touch offer’ (when you buy a Mac for college)which it has run for the past 3 years to a ‘Get a free $100 Mac App Store Back to School card’. This is a price difference from giving away $249 of iPod Touchness to $100 of Mac Appsness. This shows that Apple is confident that people(especially students) are buying the Mac without the need of a big incentive.

Apple are saying that you get a $100 to spend at the Mac App Store but you can spend it at any of Apple’s online content stores (Mac App Store, iOS App Store, iBookstore and iTunes Store. For the U.K it will be £65.

The discounts which you get on Macs are $100 off a MacBook, $200 off a MacBook Pro, $50 off a MacBook Air and $100 off an iMac. The offer is available for students, parents of students, teachers and staff.

Click on image to head over to the offer.