Macs are doing well with Apple saying ‘Year-over-year, the PC has shrunk 1%, while the Mac has grown 28%, and out-grown the industry every quarter for the last five years.’ There are now over 54 million Mac users.

Mac OS X Lion has been released at the Apple WWDC keynote front manned by the man himself, Steve Jobs. There has been a developer preview out for some time so we know most of what is to come in Lion but Apple have fine tuned and added a few things. There are over 250 new features in Lion but the main features are:

  • Air Drop – Wirelessly send files over Macs on the same network.
  • Inverse Scrolling, just like your iOS device.
  • Full Screen Apps, including iPhoto, Safari, iMovie, etc.
  • Multi-Touch Gestures, for example back and forward a page in Safari, scrolling.
  • Mail has a more of an iPad feel.
  • Launchpad, a great way to view your applications just like you view your applications on your iPad/iPhone.
  • Mission Control, unifies Expose and Spaces, a great way to see your applications which you have open.
  • Keyboard updates including ease of use for multi languages(umlauts).
  • Carry on just where you left off, when you leave an app and re-enter it it has everything there so it is as though you have never been away.
  • Auto Save, Lion will automatically save for you so if you forget you don’t have to start again.
There are many more features but these are the top 10. Below are some more.
Mac OS X Lion will be available only in the Mac App Store in July, no discs, just a 4GB download with the price being…$29.99, not bad.