The cloud product to smash all others out of the windows has been unveiled. iCloud, Apple answer to storing media up there in the sky.

iCloud stores your content and pushes it to all your devices, your Mac/PC is just a device. Add a contact on your iPod and it is automatically sent to your Mac, iPad and iPhone, nice. New messages pushed to all devices, Mail account

iCloud will be free!

You can now view you apps purchased and if there is an app not on your device you can just pull it down from the cloud with a tap, same with iBooks.

Instant Backup through WiFi, purchased songs, videos, photos, settings and app data backed up automatically, daily.

Documents in the Cloud, when a pages document is created on your iPad, for example, it will instantly available on your devices which have iPages on, as with Keynote and Numbers as well. Another example, put your phone in your pocket, just done a bit of Pages work, get home and boom your document is identical on your iPad as it was on your iPhone, you carry on your work.

Photo Stream, photos in the cloud. Any photo taken on any device is pushed to your other devices. Photo stream is a stream of photos from all your devices. On Mac its in iPhoto, on PC its in My Pictures. It is also going to happen on Apple TV. It’ll store the last 1,000 photos on your device and it will hold a photo there for 30 days. If you want you can just move it to your album.

iTunes in the Cloud, Anything bought you can drag down from the cloud on any of your devices, like your apps. We can buy a song on iPhone and instantly it popped up on iPad.

You can push to up to 10 devices.

iCloud- integrated with all your apps. It will be setup by default on iOS 5 devices and you get 5GB for Mail, Documents and Backup. iTunes in the Cloud will run on iOS 4.3 Beta, thats for developers.

iTunes Match, $24.99 annual, it matches the songs which aren’t iTunes bought and buys them for you so they’re in the cloud but of course you don’t have to pay because your paying that $24.99. Any songs that don’t match to iTunes will be uploaded to the Cloud.