Apple ‘Retail 2.0’ as some are calling it has opened in Australia because they woke up first. The main new feature in the Aussie Apple Stores are the use of iPads as information screens, comparison screens and more.

Below is a quick japanese video of the new layout.

Now the features which the iPad display are the main/’features’ tab, the ‘compare’ tab, the ‘ New to Mac?’ tab, the ‘Support’ tab and the ‘Specialist’ tab.

The ‘features’ tab gives you an overview of the product including its main features. The ‘compare’ tab compares it to other products which are similar, for example if it was a MacBook Air it would compare it to the MacBook Pro. The ‘New to Mac?’ tab shows you mostly those new to Mac things on the Apple website. The ‘Support’ tab is self explanatory. Now the ‘Specialist’ tab allows you to call a specialist over to where you are if you need help or have further questions, which is pretty nice.

The interesting part is that the iPads seem to be running custom software as the home button doesn’t do anything. Also the iPads are constantly charging yet not by the 30 pin connector. Hmmm Very Interesting.

Here are some pics of the new iPad layout.

Ask a Specialist

iPads after iPads after iPads