The latest patent, yes we love ’em, shows Apple photo editing software, Aperture, being used on a multitouch interface. Although Aperture looks like the patent is for iPad but Aperture needs a lot of processing power and is normally run on the high end versions of Macs for it to run smoothly. Aperture also uses full potential of the video cards in Mac. For Aperture to run on a multitouch surface there needs to be big spec iPads or a multitouch Mac, either of which would be awesome for everyone. It is unlikely that Apple will tone down Aperture for iPad as that is not the Apple way.

   So from iPad Aperture to multitouch Mac Aperture. Another patent was recently filled for a multitouch iMac which could also be laid down and at a slight angle to more easily use the multitouch features.

It also features a touchscreen application on the Mac, like Aperture. During the MacBook Air keynote Steve said that they had tried touch screen on vertical displays but your arm ached after a short while. However he never said anything about horizontal or slanting touch screens. This is all building up for Apple to bring more of the iOS devices to Mac. Also as in their touchscreen devices Apple are looking for the mouse to eventually go. Interesting times, interesting times Apple.