Apple may be designing keyboard which have an air feedback system which will know that you are about to type before you type, clever ain’t they.

There are two system which may be used or used in union.

The first system is intended to provided tactile feedback before the users comes in contact with the key. Once a key detects the proximity of a user about to type, the keyboard will “flow air from the input device proximate the key in question”. The air will come from either micro-preforated keys or holes adjacent to the key.

The other system involves the key being pneumatically pulled away from the user once it detects the typing intention. This pneumatic system would make it easier on finger when depressing keys. The patent says that the two systems “may be used in combination, providing initial air resistance to movement, and then withdrawing the key from the users touch.”

This is to give users a better experience with what people use so frequently daily and is how many create their communication on computers. This certainly would follow by Apple’s way, a luxury addition, available to all.