First off, Apple have released an updated beta of it’s new operating system for mac, Mac OS X Lion. In this newer version of the software high resolution wallpapers have been discovered. There is a picture of Mount Fuji at 3200×3200 pixels. Also icons in the new mac software are 1024×1024 pixels. Apple’s current line of Mac hardware does not support this many pixels so this must be suggesting that Apple are going to unveil some new Mac hardware with a retina display and Thunderbolt port. This update looks near certain for iMacs. Also it looks to come out at Apple’s annually event, WWDC.

Next on the agenda is the iPhone 5. There have been some new rumours creeping up that it is now going to have a larger screen at 3.7 or 4 inches. The 3.7 inch would fit in the old casing but the 4″ would have to have new casing. These photos show a white iPhone with a similar body to the 4 but with an edge to edge display. If the images are true the up in the screen size is probably to rival HTC’s large screens who are Apple’s biggest competitor.