Need an excuse for not having you homework? Well somehow I reckon that the name of this app won’t suffice but you probably were playing this rather than doing your homework.

The monsters have stolen your homework and you need it back. Revenge is on the cards(bit like those pesky pigs in Angry Birds) as you shall get it back. But those monsters are clever putting you in tricky situations to get all of your homework back. You fire balls at the cardboard stage and depending on your tactics you normally hit the monsters to kick them off the stage and into the water. Homework comes in the stacked book variety which are like cuboids and the apple variety which are spherical and roll around the place. There are 85 levels for you to conquer with more coming soon.

Overall it is a good app and fun at times. Worth the 59p/$1 for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad and is a must download for Mac as it is free.

Available on the iPhone and iPod Touch App Store, on iPad and  on the Mac App Store.

Check out the trailer below: