You know when it is getting close to a holiday not just by a calendar. The Angry Birds team will release a new update to their Angry Birds Seasons App. This update is all about Easter. With 15  more levels you will be addicted to this for the next couple of days. They never last long the levels but are always great fun.

The new additions in the 15 levels are more golden eggs, 2 types of bunny ears have been stuck onto those green pigs and easter eggs have been put in giving you a 1000 points for each one you smash. Also included is some grass which has been stuck on top of the blocks and can hide the pigs, some cloud blocks, brown circular blocks(see below) and more. There are 3 extra levels which can be obtained by clicking on the Twitter link- great!

Angry Birds Rio – more levels in May.

To get this update your Angry Birds Seasons app or if you don’t have it you can get it here.

Check out the Angry Birds Seasons Easter Trailer below!