Tiny Wings is a great app and very addictive. If you have work to do then do not download this as you won’t be able to get off it! There are many objectives which you can get as you get better nests(they multiply your score by more) and even when you have completed the game you still want to play it to get a higher score or to see if you can get onto the next island!

   The basis of the game is that you are a little bird with ‘tiny wings’. Therefore you cannot fly very well and have to get momentum to fly. To get this momentum you slide down hills and try to flap up them then liftoff! The smoother the slide the more air you will get and if you get 3 really smooth slides then you go into special mode where it adds to your score especially when your at an end of an island.

The graphics are just beautiful and is some of the best I have seen on the app store. With the islands changing appearance every day it always looks new and great. The gameplay is extremely smooth and very responsive when you tap on the screen to go down. The music reminds me of Mario and other old games. There is a highscore table and you can play online to get the highest score and beat your friends.

Tiny Wings costs $1 in the US or 59p in the UK. Download here.