As we all know about the iPad 2 now what features will be copied onto the iPhone 5? There were some features form the iPad 1st generation which we saw in the iPhone 4.

First up is the A5 chip which we saw in the iPad 2 will inevitably be in the iPhone 5. In the iPad it has made the CPU now up to 2x faster and up to 9x faster graphics. It is a great upgrade on the awesome A4 chip.

Next is thickness and weight. As always Apple like to make things thinner, the iPhone 4, when released, was the thinnest smart phone. Now the iPad is thinner than that at 8.8mm. Apple will surely make the iPhone 5 thinner than the iPhone 4 or maybe the iPad 2.

Finally we will probably see 1080p output via HDMI like the iPad 2. This looks lush on big screen TVs!