So what people have been waiting for since last year, the iPad 2  has been unveiled. There is not a massive difference but has lots of awesome things along with much needeTd updates.

To start it is great to see Steve there to unveil the iPad 2. There is an all new design and underneath the lush outer covering is Apple’s new A5 chip. This is dual core and offers up to 2x faster CPU, 9x faster graphics but consumes the same low amount of power as the A4 chip.

Next up video cameras, front and rear, more below. But for the design, 33% thinner, 0.2 pounds lighter, and it comes in white and black! It has the same price and the 3G is on AT&T and Verizon and the same 10 hours battery life.

It is out March 11th, yes March 11th, just over a week. This is in the normal countries and for everywhere else 25th March. You will be able to buy a lead which will plug into the 30 pin connector and allow 1080p HDMI out.

Next is the iPad cases. I think that these are awesome. Genius. You can use it as a stand/support in whether your laying it down or have it upright. Magnets in the case grasp the screen(above and below, not the actual touch part of the screen) and auto-align the case. These is no back to it and it adds hardly any weight or thickness. The side facing the screen is a micro fibre lining which cleans the screen. Now for the good part. If you put the case on it and cover the screen then the iPad goes to sleep and when it take it off it wakes. I love it! You can get it in Polyurethane(soft material) which is $39 or the leather one is $69. They each come in 5 different colours.

Now is iOS 4.3. Not that much but a good update to Safari, iTunes Home Sharing, AirPlay improvements(slideshows, etc) and you can now choose whether you want the switch above the volume buttons to be a mute button or to lock the orientation. It also means that your iPhone 4 is now a personal hotspot.

Back to the cameras. Apple have to apps which have been brought to the iPad. You’ll probably recognise them , PhotoBooth and FaceTime. PhotoBooth is just like the Mac application which allows you to add effects and extras before you take a picture. It has some funny features. FaceTime is well err FaceTime. I’m sure you know what that is by now!!! 4.3 is out March 11th.


Next up there are two other new apps which Apple have made for the iPad 2. They are both out March 11th and are both $4.99. iMovie and Garageband. iMovie is in-between the iPhone version and the Mac version. It has multi-track audio editing, new themes, AirPlay to Apple TV and you can share videos in HD. Garageband for iPad includes multitouch instruments, 250+ loops and more. If you want more info and images on Garageband for iPad check out my post below.


So then overall the iPad 2 is:

  • lighter, thinner and faster.
  • Has 2 cameras and a gyroscope.
  • iOS 4.3 includes FaceTime and PhotoBooth
  • iMovie and Garageband
  • 65,000+ apps on app store
  • 3G AT&T and Verizon on all devices
  • Same price, same 10 hour battery life.

The iPad 2 is a nice and needed update and maybe Apple are holding some stuff back for the iPad 2.5/iPad 3 maybe in September.