So the Mac OS X Lion beta is out and i have had a go on it! It is beautiful, smooth and genius although i reckon that Apple will have to and will boost it up with more features before the release in the summer.

Firstly ‘Finder’ has changed. On the left hand side ‘Devices'(the bit with Macintosh HD and iDisk in) has been moved to the bottom and at the top under favourites is ‘All My Files’ and ‘Air Drop’. All My Files is well, all your files and i can’t really see a use for it so far but you never know. Now Air Drop allows you to send files wirelessly to anyone on your network. Haven’t tried it but it sounds a good tool.

On all windows open, including Finder and Safari, everything scrolls like an iOS Device. To scroll down you use two fingers on the trackpad and drag up. The traffic light buttons are slightly smaller and the top of all windows looks more like it has been drawn. On the top right of all windows there is a full screen button which is is great to make the apps full screen and great for online browsing. While were on the subject of Safari if you want to go back a page you can use two fingers and drag them to the right you will get the same result as clicking the back button. If you do the opposite you can go forward a page. Now to swap the window/application you have open you can use three fingers and drag to the right/left and your next application you have running will be there.

Mail is different with an iPad feel about it and there is a new icon in you dock. Launchpad. It’s like an iOS Device screen on your Mac. You use two fingers to swipe through the pages and can click and drag to move applications. Also as always, its beautiful.

If you swipe three fingers up on your trackpad Mission Control opens you can see all your apps open and choose which windows in that app you wish to maximise. The keyboard has the same spelling thing as iOS Devices and the same if you hold it down you get different languages(umlauts, etc)

Overall Lion is great so far but may need some more quirky updates.