The Apple TV is quite popular and with gaming added it could be a must buy. In the iOS 4.3 beta for Apple TV there are hints at gaming coming to Apple TV. There are references to ‘ATVGames’ and ‘ATVThunder’. Many people play games on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and Game Center is still growing so games on the Apple TV would be popular. However there is only 8GB of storage on the current, second generation, Apple TV and 8gig is not enough to play proper games on. Apple have two options, add more GB or stream games to your TV. As this i still not confirmed streaming seems the more likely option. The other problem is the controller. You obviously can’t use the current remote/controller so there will either be a new controller or use iPhones/iPod Touches as remote and connect via Wi-Fi.

Games on the Apple TV has potential but only if they do it right but its Apple so they will.