There have been more rumours, yet again, but not about iPad 2, no but an iPhone Nano.











The idea of making things smaller has worked for Apple’s iPod range but are they going to do it on the iPhone? Apple currently target 25% of the phone market with a high end phone but to compete with some Android phones and to get close to 100% of the market a iPhone Nano would make sense. The iPhone Nano would be about $200 without a contract where as the iPhone 4 is $200 or $300 including a contract on Verizon or AT&T. They would use some current parts in the iPhone 4 for the Nano and use new and better technological parts in the iPhone 5. It is about 1/3 size of the iPhone 4.

However Apple have many concepts and ideas which get made into prototypes and people see them but sometimes they never get released or get put on hold for years. I think though that this would be a good edition for people who want a phone from Apple, with Apps, etc but can’t afford that hefty price tag. It would be especially good for Pay As You Go users who are having to pay alot now for the iPhone 4. We can only hope.