Although the iPad 2 hasn’t even been announced, iPad 3 rumours are occurring.The rumors started when blogger John Gruber wrote on his site, Daring Fireball, that the HP TouchPad’s summer release would “bump up against the release of the iPad 3.” There are 4 reasons for an iPad 3 in 2011.

  • The first is that people tend to want to wait as they know that Apple will release a new iPad a couple of months after christmas. This is why Apple would release the iPad 3 in the fall, maybe with the iPod updates.
  • The second is that instead of an iPad 3, John says it will be more like an iPad 2.5 with a better display.
  • Third is that Apple is apparently going to have a big surprise in the fall and this could be it.
  • Finally, the fourth is that there are lots of tablets coming to the market and Apple would love to shake things up a bit to be one step ahead of the game.