Chop Chop Caveman is part of the Chop Chop series. It is available for both iPhone and iPad. It is an adventure game where you try to complete levels to get to the next one.


The levels play through the rough story. There are 5 levels in each event and there are 4 events so far with another one coming soon. The levels are fairly long but are simple when you get used to the controls but still fun. You get three lives on each level and these can be taken away by monsters and take back by killing monsters and which lets you eat meat to gain a life.  The 5th level in each event is where you fight a boss and these are much harder than the levels.


The controls are simple. Tap and hold to the right of the character to make it run to the right and tap above the character to make it jump in whatever direction you want. There are also some other controls which are simple to master.


The graphics are really good with clear and crisp movement and moving surroundings. When your playing a pause button pops up when you stop, your lives and time, etc at the top. There are many little different creatures which all look beautiful which vibrant colors and great patterns. See more in the pictures.


To sum-up this is a good game as when you complete all the levels (and more coming) there are still some challenges to do. In each level there are 3 gem-like things to get, which are in awkward places and a piece of food to get. It is fun and can be frustrating at times but you get past it. Chop Chop Caveman is a universal application, which means that there is one app for both iPhone and iPad. It is 59p and worth it. I give it 7/10If you gunna get this app click here.