3D, yes, Apple might be expanding or traveling into the future in this way. The patent is for 3D auto stereoscopic technology which means 3D without the annoying glasses. Does this mean that in the future, a 3D iPhone or 3D iPad. A 3D Apple display and iMac are likely to come first though as the effect is better on a bigger screen. It also says that the 3Dness can be shared among many viewers so that you don’t have to be in front of it to see the 3D. As its Apple the 3D will have to work properly before they release anything and they will remove annoying transparency and ghosting of non glasses 3D. Apple also now have a fight on their hands from LG. LG’s newest smartphone which will rival the iPhone will be 3D no glasses and their tablet will be 3D no glasses so Apple might have to hurry that researching and developing to stay up with the market.

Another patent which Apple have filled is for a ‘voltage regulator’ and a ‘smart controller’. This can be easily developed into solar charging for things like iPhones and iPads. Apple like to do their bit to help the environment with their MacBooks being recyclable and so on. So in the future will we need to plug in our phone to get a good charge? Hope not.