Metro Ski Challenge is a skiing racing game which was firstly available on computers but has now made its way to the iPhone/iPad.

On the main page there are 5 options, Play, Ranking, Options, Help and Credits. There are simple steps in ‘Help’ if you can’t grasp the game and choices for music, vibration and language in ‘Options’. The Ranking will how your online ranking.


Under ‘Play’ there are 3 options, training, online or change track. The tracks available are Val d’lsere, Groeden, Bormio, Wengen, Kitzbuehel and Garmisch. For each track you can select what conditions you want, sun, snow or ice. All the tracks after Val d’lsere are available after you start the online modus. To start the online modus, click the tick for Val d’lsere and then tap online, you can choose whether you want to create a new account or login with a existing one. If you have this downloaded on your computer (PC or Mac) you can login with the account you have on there. Once logged in there is now 5 options. You can practice by tapping ‘Training’ , qualify by tapping ‘Qualification’ or race by tapping, you guessed it, ‘Race’. You have to qualify before you can race.


The controls are extremely simple and easy to get used to. Just tilt your device to the direction, which you want your skier to go in. Tap and hold the arrow button to put him in a crouch position, which increases speed. To majorly slow down, tap and hold the stop button. You can customize your skis, with four options: ‘Beginner, Classic, Extreme or Custom’. These change the carve, grip and speed of your skis out of 100. All three together are out of 100.


The graphics for the menus are great, just like computer. Very simple and all the links work well. When you’re skiing the graphics are great. Some lines on the track might be a big unsmooth but overall they are good. There is the time , speed, map of the track and pause ( as well as the two buttons) on screen so there is lots of space to see the skier. If you have skied the track before and you turn ghost on then it is very good to see yourself overtake him.


This is a great game and just like the computer version. It is the best virtual ski games and probably will be the best for some time. Everything works nicely and you can have fun racing online. Racing other iDevices near you would be fun either via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi but there can always be updates! Overall a great app for £1.19($1.99) for the iPhone version or £1.79($2.99) for the iPad HD version.