Touch Physics is a great little game, which is like the popular online game, Magic Pen.

In the game you have to try to do one thing. Get the circle to the star. To do this you construct shapes with your finger to help the circle get to the star and you have to use physics, hens the name.


There are 50 levels in total ranging from the tutorials to the ones, which you take months on.  Some are easier than others and you can make some of your own.


The graphics are great. There is a very simple yet beautiful menu system and going through menus is smooth and great. When you tap the square in the bottom right hand corner there is a simple apple-style settings. In some levels there is a brown papery background, which goes well with the draw circle and star.


In the settings part of any level there are these buttons:

  • ‘go off level’
  • Go to menu page button
  • Settings(Music, physics, etc)
  • Help
  • A volume changer just like in videos.

You draw shapes with your fingers to help push the circle along. You can double tap a shape to erase it.


Overall this is a good game but won’t keep you fastened anywhere. Can be boring if stuck on a level but there is always our good old friend YouTube for that. I give it 6/10. There is also a Touch Physics 2 app out now at the app store. Click here to buy Touch Physics. Click here to get Touch Physics 2. Click here to get Touch Physics for iPad.