Don’t you just love hockey? I know i do and with this app you can play hockey on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.


2K11 4 game modes:

  • Quick Game
  • Season
  • Free Skate
  • Shootout

The menu to navigate through the game types, Help or In-Game helps is extremely simple and will you will be in a game in seconds.


2K11 offers 30 teams to choose from which you will recognize if you play any other hockey game as they’re from NHL. It is extremely fun to play, it only has a maximum of 3 control buttons on screen during gameplay and a navigation pad along with many more options to change the gameplay to suit you.

The shootout mode is simply you vs the goal tender with you trying to score more than your opponents

Free skate is like quick game but with minimal rules.

2K11 does have a few minor problems like difficult to handle controls but you get used to it and will pick up the best way to skate round, pass or shoot.

The game runs smoothly 99% of the time but you may encounter a few bumpy moments with jumpy movements but these are few and far between and are not enough to put you off the game.

The gameplay is realistic and works rather well for mobile application but the graphics aren’t anything special but are good enough for the quick paced hockey game.


The audio on 2K11 is what it is, a cheering crowd with the faint sound of clashing and skating etc

You can’t expect too much in terms of audio from a game like this though it does offer addictive and well designed gameplay.


2K11 offers a great and addictive hockey game, which will provide hours of fun, definitely worth a buy for 59p($0.99). This price will end soon so go get it now! I would give it 8/10.

In short


  • Smooth fast paced gameplay
  • Addictive
  • Simple and easy


  • Sometimes jumpy
  • Slightly hard to control
  • Not the best graphics but ok