On the Main Screen you can choose from ‘Play’, ‘Options’ or ‘Help!!!’ There are also other links. Before you head into the ‘Play’ screen, there is a tutorial, which will come up, every time but you can easily turn it off in ‘Options’.

Once you go on ‘Play’, there are 3 different modes to play: U.S 9 Ball, U.S 8 Ball and U.K 8 Ball. Once you tap any of the above you can choose from 4 different options, these are: One Player, Two Player, Time Trial or Shot in the Dark.

One Player is where you play against the app with 8 levels ranging from ‘Baby’ to ‘Demon’. Two Player lets you play the game against another person, where you will take it in turns to hit the ball. Time Trial is simple. From the beginning the clock is counting.  Shot in the Dark is where a timer is counting down from 10 in milliseconds and you have to play a shot quickly because it is getting darker.


The controls might seem confusing but they’re actually really simple and its quick to get to grips. At the beginning of the game you drag your ball then tap the tick when you have it in the right place. Then you simply tap and pull back anywhere on screen and the different places I tap and pull back the different angle the ball goes. How much you pull back decides the power, which is in a percentage bar at the top. When tapped and dragged back, a trajectory line will appear and the direction the ball you’re going to hit with the white ball is going.


One Player


The graphics are simple and great. They have a ‘doodley’ effect to them. There are little shadows on the balls and a crinkle effect to the table as if you were playing it on a piece of paper. The pictures speak for themselves.


This is a great app for 5-minute time filler.  Quite easy to complete but always fun for a game of pool. Open Feint can also be turned on so that you have leaderboards and achievements. It can be blown up to size for the iPad and still looks good. The app is free however if you want to remove what little ads there are you can pay 59p but I really don’t notice them.  One of the best pool games on the iPhone, as it doesn’t try to go for the 3D graphics but keeps it 2D with a drawing effect. 2 words: Simplistic, Fun.