If you didn’t know Xcode is what you use to build Mac OS and iOS applications. You can download it from the Apple Developer page. However if you want Xcode 4 or 4.3 iOS beta then you have to enrol in Apple’s developers program. It costs $99.99 and you get to develop apps then send them to the App Store and get all the latest betas. But anyway back to Xcode 4.

Xcode 4 includes these features:

  • Single Window – When developing an app you always have more than one window open. With Xcode 4 it puts them all into a single, well laid out, clutter-free window. This may be a bit tricky to get a clear view on smaller macs but most developers are using iMacs anyway.

  • Navigators – At the side of the window there are navigation buttons to: list of files in your project, sorted symbols, a central search interface, issue tracking, debugging data with compressible stack traces, active and inactive breakpoints, and a persistent collection of logs.
  • Jump Bar – At the top of the editor window you’re in there is a jump bar where it shows you where the file you’re working on is and you can jump back into any folder and open other parts to edit.
  • Interface Builder – Interface Builder is now inside Xcode. Simple as that.
  • Assistant – When editing code in Xcode you normally have to edit some other code as a result of what you’ve just edited. Assistant will bring up the other code which you need to edit.
  • LLVM Compiler 2.0 – Compiles your apps and it completely supports Objective-C, C and C++. It compiles twice as fast as the old one and produces applications which carry this speed.
  • Fix-It – This is great. Isn’t it annoying when you have just done loads of code and you’ve designed it and it all looks good. You hit build and run and it comes up with a couple of errors which you can’t make out. You’re not sure what to do. Now in that error display window there is button called ‘Fix’. It does what it says. It will fix your code so your app will never be without that missing semi-colon. This is great for newcomers who are using YouTube tutorials and then don’t understand where it went wrong. Also it will catch those bugs before users do so you won’t have to release so many ‘bug’ updates.

  • Version Editor – This allow you to see two versions of your code.
  • New Debugger – This is 3 times faster and 2.5 times more efficient than the last Debugger.
  • Instruments for Xcode 4 – More will become clear nearer the time.