America’s most reliable phone network is Verizon. There have been many complaints from people wondering why the iPhone isn’t(wasn’t) on Verizon. Now their wish has come true.

As Verizon cancelled their CES spot everyone kinda knew what was coming. To get to the iPad for a second, you will be able to get a Verizon iPad soon(probably iPad 2) which will have a CDMA Radio inside so it can connect straight to Verizon’s network and pick up radio. But back to the iPhone. Although not officially said the antenna which was causing the death grip(loss of signal) has now moved above the mute button(not 100% sure). Nothing else has changed but the Verizon will connect straight to its network.

This is probably gunna bring a lot more people to iPhone.

Existing Verizon customers can pre-order on Feb 3rd but others have to wait till Feb 10th.