Real Racing 2 is a racing game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It is the sequel to Real Racing for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.


On the main menu of the game there is 5 options for you. These are Career, Quick Race, Time Trial, Pitlane and Multiplayer.  You can also get to your profile by tapping your name at the top right hand side; this is where you can see your stats, achievements, player settings or leaderboards. To change your player settings and access leaderboards you have to login in to Cloudcell or Game Center. If you do have not registered with Cloudcell or Game Center then you can still play the game as Guest. Also from the main page you can access Firemint(the creator of the game) news, help and settings(audio, controls, settings). There are 3 difficulties in the game, easy, medium and hard and you get to choose which one when starting your career. Events are 8/10.


There are 5 sets of races starting at CLUB Division and going through to World Series. In each set of races there are 6-7 events inside. Some of the events include Championship, Head to Head and Time Trials.

Quick Race

In quick race you have the car which you have out in career mode, can choose how many opponents, a nice scroll to choose your amount of laps, as many as 9, the difficulty and the track you wish to race on (out of the tracks which you have unlocked in career mode).

Time Trial

Simple: choose your track. You can see the fastest lap set for that track and you drive in the car that you have out in career mode.


This is where you buy, sell, see your profile, see you cars, respray car and improve your car’s performance.


You can link up via Bluetooth and via Wi-Fi.


Using the accelerometer in the iPhone/iPod Touch to steer and a simple tap and hold on the screen to brake, the cars are really easy to control. You can choose which assists you wish to have; brake, anti-skid, steering, horizontal tilt, steering sensitivity and vibration. There are 7 control methods which include accelerometer steering, touch steering, auto accelerate, manual accelerate and manual brake. Very accurate steering with accelerator and great overall controls. 9/10 graphics.


The graphics are the best graphics in any racing game and most of games on the iPhone/iPod Touch. Simply amazing. The sun appears from behinds buildings and shine across your car with its spectrum following the car. The opponent’s cars and your own are as they look like in the Pitlane, so they are beautiful. The shadow follows the cars and the suns moves perfectly. The track, the background is awesome. 10/10 graphics!


Overall the events are good and have some diversity with what you expect from a racing game (time trial etc.).  The controls are simple and effective and the graphics are awesome. It is better than Real Racing (1) because the graphics have been improved the cars are better and the easiness of menus and gestures are great. There are 30 official licensed cars. I give it 9/10. Can’t wait for the iPad version!

The game is 312MB and is £5.99 ($9.99). You can buy it by clicking here.