Yes, you saw it right, Battlefield Bad Company 2, one of the best rivals to Modern Warfare 2 in console gaming is here for iPhone and iPod Touch. It is 59p or $1.29, bargin! Looks okay, not the best graphics but can’t wait for a HD version for iPad. Seems better than the Modern Combat series but i haven’t played it yet. A review will be coming soon hopefully! Click here to get Battlefield Bad Company 2.

Also in iOS gaming world some other awesome games have been released. Real Racing 2 looks amazing N.O.V.A 2 the sequel to the game that would change iPhone gaming(apparently) is out.Might be doing a review on Real Racing 2 as well because it looks so good.  To get Real Racing click here and to get N.O.V.A 2 click here.

Battlefield Bad Company 2

Real Racing 2