iPad 2 Countdown has begun! Rumours of 100 days till next iPad( from Dec 7th).

Much awaited iPad 2 rumours have sounded more realistic from sources in Taiwan. There are 6 main differences that are rumoured:



  • Gyroscope
  • Front facing camera(for FaceTime)
  • Retina Display
  • USB/Mini USB Port
  • Thinner and lighter
  • Better Specs


To start off, the gyroscope. As with the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4th Gen, a 3 axis gyroscope is likely to feature in the iPad 2nd Gen. It allows apps to take into account your body’s movements. In June Steve Jobs demonstrates this with a Jenga app and when he moves his body the app responds and swivels the background.  I don’t think that its true potential for the gyroscope have been used yet in apps.


Front facing camera, this is almost a certain. With Apple telling everyone that FaceTime is amazing and with it coming to Mac and iPod Touch 4th Gen it looks very likely that it will come to the iPad. This will make FaceTime much better as it’s on a larger screen than iPhone and maybe on a retina display. A welcomed addition if it comes. The whole ‘FaceTime’ thing is a good substitute for Skype and if iPad gets a front facing camera then it will connect with the most important of Apple’s devices. A back camera seems unlikely.


The Retina Display on the iPhone is beautiful, no other word to describe it. It may be costly if it came to iPad but so many people would love it. The crispness of the display is awesome and to be enlarged would be lush. Increasing the pixels by 4 would probably be too dense. Apple should be able to get some thickness of the glass so putting in the Retina Display would make it roughly the same thickness. Much better than OLED.


A USB Port seems very unlikely as it would hardly fit in the current iPad and Apple always like to make their devices thinner. However a mini USB Port seems much more likely and with upcoming European Commission requirements for a universal charger for all mobile devices. This would mean for jailbreakers that they could probably plug in their Mini USB Sticks. Apple could advertise many things to do with the Mini USB Port.


As I mentioned earlier, Apple love to make things lighter and thinner, just look at the new MacBook Air. I doubt that there will be a difference to the curve on the back but instead of aluminium there are rumours of carbon fibre, sounds nice. Apple will probably remove the conjoined volume buttons in place of two separate circles up and down buttons, as on iPhone.


The RAM will probably be upgraded and maybe a 128GB iPad? Luxury.


Just to finish off, seems a little bit of a wild guess but…

…White iPad? Would be nice.