Angry Birds Seasons

Angry Birds Seasons is a great addition to the ever-growing Angry Birds collection. It integrates Angry Birds Halloween (Trick or Treat) and a new Angry Birds Christmas.

Angry Birds Christmas is an advent calendar of Angry Birds levels. You have to wait until the correct day to unlock that level. It tells you how long it is until you’re next level is unlocked.

There are some new additions in Angry Birds Christmas. These are:

  • A snowy tree background which snows
  • Some presents which you get points for destroying
  • Snow blocks as a building material
  • Christmas hats on some of the green pigs

There are 25 levels. You get an extra ‘special’/ golden egg level if you get 3 stars on all levels.

Angry Birds Halloween or the Trick or Treat levels have some changes too. There is a spooky background, pumpkins which you get points for destroying, some green pigs inside pumpkins and lanterns swinging. There are 45 levels plus a golden egg 3 star level.

The gameplay is just as great as usual with a simple pullback action. They both include all the birds from the original Angry Birds which do all the normal things when tapped, etc. Overall a beautiful update for this time of the year!

The normal version for iPhone and iPod Touch is available for £0.59 or $0.99 and the HD version for the iPad is available for £1.19 or $1.99.