Yes you read it right. A half-price iPad! Whats the catch? Well its on a higher contract. In a bid to attract customers which shy away at the initial price, Orange and T-Mobile are to sell a 16GB Wifi and 3G iPad for £199 if you sign up to a £25 per month contract. Over the two years(the contract), you end up paying £799. The contract gives you 1GB anytime usage and 1GB of ‘quiet time’.

If you get the Orange deal then you can use BT Openzone Wifi with a supposedly unlimited usage but its a 3GB limit. Another advantage of Orange is that you can get the 32GB for £249 and the 64GB for £349.

For both Orange and T-Mobile if you are an existing customer then its £25 per month but if your a new customer then its £27 per month.