The iOS 4.2 Software Update is finally here! It has been available to developers since Steve Jobs released the new Mac

Book Air. It is a great update for iPad users bringing all the features from the iPhone 4 that weren’t on the iPad. The new features in iOS 4.2 are:

  • Multitasking on iPad – Just as the iPhone and iPod Touch, you can now multitask on the iPad. It doesn’t drain the battery unnecessarily as everything runs smoothly on Apple’s 1GHz A4 processor.
  • Folders on iPad – Same as the iPhone and iPod Touch, folders is now on iPad, a much welcomed edition allowing you to have more apps and store them easier!
  • AirPrint – First properly new feature of iOS 4.2. It now allows to print basically anything with a few simple taps. A print button is now available to print to your Wifi Printer. This is especially great if you have been doing some work in iWork for iPad and have to print it out.
  • AirPlay – AirPlay allows you to stream great content from your iDevice to your Apple TV to watch on the big screen. You can watch movies, photos, etc.
  • Find my iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch – A former Mobile Me feature is now free! It helps you to find your iDevice in those times of terror when you’ve lost it.
  • Game Center update – A general update.
  • iTunes Film Rentals – Now you can rent films from iTunes on your iDevice.
  • Even better Mail – general update and can open attachments in 3rd party apps.
  • Find text in Safari – Like pressing cmd or ctrl f on your computer/laptop, you can now use it in Safari! Really helpful if you’re doing research and need to find keywords.
  • Notes with fonts – Fonts available are: Marker Felt, Helvetica and Chalkboard.
  • Reply to calendar invitations – Reply to event invitations from friends using calendar services like Yahoo! Google and Microsoft Exchange.
  • Keyboard and Dictionary enhancements – iPad keyboard update, lots more international keyboards.
  • Accesiblility enhancements – Voiceover control using wireless keyboard, connect Bluetooth braille board.
  • Enhanced Enterprise Support – New security and better device management.
  • Messaging with text tones – know who’s texting you with a different alert! Can choose from 17.

It is free and you can update today!

Update instructions:

  • Plug in your iDevice.
  • Click on your iDevice in the sidebar of iTunes.
  • Click on ‘Check for update’ button
  • It will come up with 4.2 software is now available do you want to download?
  • Click ‘yes’ or ‘ok’
  • It will download in the ‘Downloads‘ section.
  • Sync your iDevice when its finished downloading.

The update is compatible with these devices:

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