For all the Mac users out here Clean My Mac is a great application to do, well ,clean your mac.

I have used it since the 29th October and it has cleaned over 19GB of space off my mac. I have noticed no difference in Apps not running because of errors or missing files so it doesn’t delete any of the important stuff!

It gets rid of all the rubbish which is attached to apps and files after you’ve deleted them.

It is a truly great app and has allowed me 19 more gigabytes of space on my mac for me to use!

You know that its cleared the space as when you click ‘Get Info’ on your Macintosh HD(hard drive) there is a drop in space taken up.

With just about 5 clicks i’ve cleared about a 1GB of space every couple of weeks.

It is avaliable for a free trial at

It costs £11.95($14.95, USD) for a six-month licence and £24.95($29.95, USD) for a lifetime licence. It can be purchased within the trial app or at